Garden Design Basics – The Essentials of an Enchanting Home

Doesn’t everyone deserve to live close to nature?

The moment you buy a plant from a nursery, you put yourself into the garden design process, knowingly or unknowingly. Understanding the primary rules of the garden layout will help you generate more intelligent and efficient ideas to give your yard a playful creative makeover. Blend your ideas with mine to create magic in your home and garden room. No, you don’t need to have some training in horticulture or know all the intricacies of landscape designing.

“Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly”, as Dalai Lama has so well put, we first learn the primary principles and then we will use our creative imagination to play with them.

Where do I begin?

The moment you plan to start designing your garden, you start asking yourself about where to begin. Well, the answer is right there in front of your house- the front yard. Isn’t front yard the first thing that your guests notice about your space? Make your guests jealous by how close to nature you are.

Hard Landscapes

Hard landscapes include walls, paths, decks, fencing, sitting areas, and sidewalk. The most vital part is to complete the hard landscapes before planting. This will ensure zero damage to your plants and soil.

Planting and Maintenance

Before you start planting, collect the basic information about the plants such as their growth rate and habit, their lifespan, their appearance and how well they do with other plants including their aesthetics. Also, enhance the quality of your soil by adding organic matter to it such as garden compost, leaf mold, composted bark, or well-rotted farmyard manure. These improve the soil fertility by making available more nutrients for proper growth and also help to make proper use of the available nutrients. Also, take into account the sun and wind patterns. Certain plants lose their lifespan if kept in direct sunlight.

The Center of Attraction

Create a focal point or loci of focal points to give your design a professional look and generate a center of attraction. This center of attraction could be an unusual plant or a hard landscape such as a small water fountain and decorate it with a series of shrubs. The variations in shape, size, and color with different heights of the plants need to be properly organized for a polished look.

The Backyard

The outdoor living area of your home could contain fencing or tall shrubs around the circumference to create a wall for privacy reasons. Include decks and patios for comfortable sitting or dining space. Install grilling stations and outdoor kitchens to get that holiday home feel right at your space. You can include outdoor fire stations to enjoy the chilly weather with your family and friends.

The ideas are nothing but a general way of understanding placements of plants in specific combinations and a generic plan to enhance their lifespan. Knowing about these general ideas of gardening will help you create a beautiful space for yourself and could make your visitors envious.