How do you pick the right store to buy olive oil from

Nothing can compare to the subtle fresh grassy or peppery flavor of Mountain Town Olive Oil. It is a mandatory ingredient for fine Mediterranean and contemporary dishes. It has numerous health benefits as well. However, not all products on the market are alike. This is the reason why you should learn how to buy olive oil and make the right choice among the different options you have.

Learn to differentiate between the different types of olive oil. This is important if you want to pick the highest quality products. Virgin and extra virgin products are unrefined. This means that the olive tree fruits have not been processed before they are pressed for the extractions of their juice. These products boast with extremely low acidity which adds to their quality, flavor and health benefits. Indeed, they contain larger amounts of the beneficial monounsaturated fats.

The products that are simply defined as olive oil contain both unrefined and refined ingredients in different proportions. It should be steered out that during the refining process the initial glyceride structure of the ingredient is not altered. The blends coming from reputable brands comply with the standards of the International Olive Oil Council. Another point that consumers should note is that the popular extra light products of this type contain larger amounts of the refined ingredient.

When you buy olive oil, you have to pay specific attention to the way in which it was processed. It is necessary for you to choose a product that has undergone cold processing. This guarantees that the flavors and nutrients have been preserved and the acidity is kept to the very minimum. Also, the product you purchase has to be first press. This means that it contains oil gathered from the first pressing of the fruit. There are no additional ingredients in such products.

Does origin matter when you buy olive oil? In general, you can find high-quality products coming from almost all Mediterranean countries, including Greece, Spain, and Italy, but a generalization based on the country cannot be made. There are a lot of specific factors that determine the quality of the product, such as the types of fruits used for its making, the way, in which they are grown, the time and way, in which they are picked and the way, in which they are processed. That is why it is best for you to focus your attention on the manufacturer and brand rather than on the country of origin.

Taste the product, before you buy it, if possible. You should be able to distinguish between the different flavors and tones to find the best cooking ingredient for your preferences. If this is not possible, make an inquiry about the flavor.

Finally, buy olive oil from specialized stores that have a variety of products and sell them quickly. This guarantees that you will always get fresh products. Also, if you do not plan to use the ingredient extensively, buy a smaller bottle so that the oil does not lose its flavor after staying open for a long time.