R22 Freon Is Dangerous

Without refrigerants, the world would be a place with no defense against the heat. Refrigerating substances have made it efficient for us to use them in air-condition systems, in the chemical industry and in food production and preservation industry. Without these fluids, we wouldn’t be able to preserve our food for so long and cool our apartments down.

But where there are pros, there are cons. Refrigerant fluids like r22 are used in air-conditioning systems and other industries. R22 has major side effects to your food and to your health in your apartment.

What is Freon or Fluorinated Hydrocarbon

R22 contains a bunch of chemicals that can harm you if you’re exposed to them. They contain fluorinated hydrocarbons or Freon. Freon is an odorless and tasteless gas. R22 can seriously cut off the oxygen supply to your lungs and cells when it is inhaled deeply.

Dangers of R-22 Refrigerant

R-22 Freon can be dangerous for your health as well as the preserved food that companies sell. We have constructed a detailed list of its dangers below, take a good look at them to get a good idea about the cons before going ahead with rs-44 instead.

Refrigerants like R22 are being recycled to reduce the cost of refrigeration in the food industry. They are re-cycled and used again on the same elements. Recycling starts to make refrigerant toxic in the way that they can affect a person’s breathing capability who’s standing within the refrigerant’s reach.

1. Breathing Problems

Getting exposed to r22 and breathing in it for a long time can cause breathing problems and lung diseases. You should try to keep yourself away from open containers of refrigerants. Breathing in range of open refrigerant containers can cause Asthma, Bronchitis, Hanta Virus and Lung Cancer.

2. Sudden Death

Deep inhaling of Freon gas can cause sudden death in some cases. Cases were recorded in history in which causalities took place due to malfunctioning of lungs.

3. Organs Damage

It can also cause major damage to human organs, such as Lungs, Lips, Throat and Epiglottis.

Symptoms of Diseases Caused by R22

Now you know that r22 can be really dangerous to your health, but how would you know that you’re infected so you can take a proper treatment. Well, we’ve listed some of the symptoms of the disease below so you can get a good treatment if you see any of them in you.

1. Irritation

If you think you were exposed to Freon and have irritation in eyes, throat or ears, you are in a great need of medical consultation.

2. Headache

It can cause an immense amount of pain in the head. The pain is a symptom that you were affected by Freon. And if you weren’t, you should see a doctor anyway.

3. Nausea

If you remember getting exposed to r22 and feel an urge to vomit but can’t. Go see a doctor immediately.

4. Burn

Freon gas is highly affecting to the skin and can cause chemical burns on areas that were exposed to Freon gas.


R22 Freon is efficient for air-conditioning and food preservation but can seriously damage skin cells and cause major diseases as mentioned. But if you act like a careful human being, you can prevent it from getting you a serious illness.