Why Punta Mita Is Perfect For Your Next Holiday

A pacific summer is never complete without a visit to the famous Four seasons in Nayarit Mexico. Punta mita is a 6 square kilometre island located 9 miles from the Northern Banderas bay. There is a large range of attractions. From the whales and dolphins to the archaeological sites and the sweet summer breeze. You will enjoy your summer on a bike, on foot, in a mud truck or in a plane on the Punta Mita Resort.

You will never run short of new things to explore, whether you love nature or culture and lifestyle, Punta Mita and has something for you. These attractions are why Punta Mita with enjoymexico.net is Perfect for your next holiday.

The Weather.
Summer temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit are accompanied by the soft wind from the bay and the beach bringing a combination of a soothing air on the skin. The weather is warm and dry in the summer and a foot bath in the water is most felt at this time.

Interaction with Whales, Dolphins and Sea Lions.
These are the most attractive sea mammals known to man.. Between December and March, Humpback whale migration on the pacific puts their route right next to Punta Mita. They also have dolphin and sea lion attraction sites that can be accessed on guided tours. Turtle migration also happen it the same season adding a little flavour to your nature exploration.

Summer fishing in groups is a great outdoor recreational activity. Big tuna fishing is a major sport in Punta Mita, There are guided tours that will enable you go on Angling tours and enjoy fishing camps. Marlin and other fishing catches are in highest population at Punta Mita than all of Mexico.

Diving and Surfing.
Banderas bay has an advanced package for divers. Scuba diving and snorkeling allows you to swim alongside over 100 species of fish. Surfing and flyboards are also offered at the beach in combined packages that will give you the greatest summer day sports ever.

Beach Golf.
Have you ever played Golf at the ocean side? The Bahia golf course is located next to the ocean allowing a great chance to enjoy the breeze with every putt.

Sailing and yachting.
The famous modernised Bonita sailboats serve the route between the island and The surrounding beaches. Snorkeling during the sail adventures are breathtaking on the sailboats.

Hiking and mountain climbing adventures.
If you are not satisfied by a simple stroll on the beach, You could still come on a guided tour across the famous Sierra Madre Mountains. The trail leads you to the other side of the mountain with Sayulita and San Pancho beach towns known for cheap summer beers and other drinks.

Both Human and Christian History experience.
The church of Our Lady Of Guadalupe is a famous attraction for its significance to members of the Catholic Faith, Punta Mita has an open access to the church with combined guided tours offered. The Careyeros archaeological site dating back to 800 AD is known to harbour evidence of early human settlement.

Massage Spas and Modern gift shops.
You will be able to access all kinds of artifacts that will give you great memories of Mexico and the Pacific as a whole. The massage Spa are also customized to offer a great summer skin experience.

Punta Mita is only 26 miles northwest of PVR international airport and can be accessed via road and water. You can access the Island from almost any direction. A Guided tour will allow you to explore the four seasons and neighbouring islands at and affordable cost.

Happy Holidays.