Why should you get a coffee bar at the office?

In the opinion of the great execution, we accept this: We are in a very bad state. Our colleagues are great, communion, modern workplace (but historical) and a lot of freedom. However, it has been altered by the gourmet coffee stations of the coffees establishment on each floor.
They finished the coffee bar, espresso coffee maker, first-class towel bean bombs, taste, deposits, and some of the best tea and beans in the world (from Kansas City). The coffee experience in our office is unusual. We know that there are not many parks in the area where we have many offices and areas of collective action. However, the office does not need to have all the necessary equipment to provide colleagues and staff an excellent cup of coffee. All you really need is a quality coffee grinder, beer, and some coffee beans.
Why do most offices offer three coffee beans this? We are not sure. It’s not easy to set it up (it’s not expensive), but at the same time be useful to get a cup office. These are some of the biggest advantages that we find in the work of our coffee bar, so why you should get a coffee bar at the office?

1. Save the download
I have a small problem that remains my colleague, our coffee and vanilla bar making cappuccino, I am the way (1 block away) and ordered a vanilla cappuccino went to a local coffee shop. My colleagues took about 3 minutes 21 seconds to make own vanilla and they sat at the table. On the other hand, it took 17 minutes and 41 seconds to have a coffee in the cafe and sit at my desk. My colleague gave me 14 minutes and 20 seconds to do the work that day. I lost 14 minutes and 20 seconds. In other words, if you have a coffee shop in the office, you can save your average friends around one hour and 12 minutes per week. Can you stop working on Friday at 4:00? Now you can, just beer, mill and Voila! More time with children on Friday night.

2. Encourage people to our vision
I hope the client changes? You can do it with the coffee bar! Instead of interviewing the local coffee shop, it is recommended that you come to your office to have your customers’ coffee or other meetings. If there is a cafeteria, everyone will say yes. If you put them in the building, they have been in your area going to be in control of talking. Thanks for the coffee!

3. Publish love
The coffee bar is not only ideal for new meetings, but also for your colleagues! If you are responsible for the office, you have an office in the cafe, and everyone will be a favorite chef. This “small” factor can change the atmosphere and the environment of the entire office.

4. Check your request
Do you think maybe, perhaps “decaffeinated” coffee barista? Maybe … but you never know. The fact that a coffee office allows you to verify 100% of your application. People can be careful in making requests for coffee. But if you have a coffee in the office, you can give proper coffee, milk, sugar, the amount of cream and everything else (even chocolate syrup) in Joe’s Cup.

5. Earn money
Every time you go to the coffee shop, the standard cost is at least $ 4.00 (does not include these delicious raspberry croissants). However, getting a coffee shop in your office does not cost you much money. Depending on the amount you have already provided, the coffee can work price is relatively cheap. The only thing that is needed is a coffee grinder and coffee machine, and a couple of bags of coffee beans, and the settings (Roasteries offers around $ 150). Then coffee beans alone (you can buy at a wholesale price if you buy wholesale) and other sweeteners, cups, and mixers.